Hammond Lumber Company - 21 locations with Marvin Windows and Doors in Maine

Create Your Life Well Lived

How you live in your home is how you live your life. Together, with Marvin Windows and Doors, Hammond Lumber Company will help you create a home where you can live well - with comfort, functionality and energy efficiency.

Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold Door - Connect to Your Outdoors

Marvin Scenic Doors - Let the Light In

Design your home to create a connection to the outdoors and change the way you live by inviting more light into your home with Marvin Scenic Doors. 

Marvin Lock Status Sensor - The Beauty of Peace of Mind

Marvin Home Automation - Lock Status Sensor


Marvin Windows and Doors is the only manufacturer who offers fully integrated, factory-prepped hardware that has no visible components to detract from beautiful windows and doors. Its simplicity is its genius.

Marvin at 7 Tide - Your Home Design Experience

Marvin at 7 Tide - Your Design Experience

Think of Marvin at 7 Tide as a design adventure, featuring a one-of-a-kind experience that is personal to your dream home. Immerse yourself in a new way to experience windows and doors. 

Designer Black Painted Interior Finish Paint Cans

Designer Black Interior Finish: The Epitome of Sophistication

It's not just a color. It's an attitude. Marvin's new Designer Black Painted Interior Finish is modern, yet timeless. It transcends the ranks of fashion and frames views for a confident look in any home.

Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Window

The Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Window

The Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Window is an embodiment of Marvin's dedication to the trade of creating windows and doors. Influenced by the rich, historical significance of this window style and inspired by innovative design, each feature is thoughtfully added and each detail is carefully considered